Fontes har blitt e-tidsskrift

Tidsskriftet Fontes Artis Musicae er nå elektronisk tilgjengelig. Vi har mottatt følgende e-post fra redaktør James P. Cassaro i Fontes:

I am pleased to announce that the current issues of Fontes Artis Musicae, Volume 63 (2016) are now available electronically to individual IAML members via a link to Project Muse on the IAML website at  In order to access the electronic version, you must login to the IAML website with your user name and password. This will identify you as a IAML member and free access to the contents of our journal will be available to you. Back issues of the journal (v. 1 [1954]-61 [2014]) via JSTOR, are available electronically at the same link.
With this electronic access for individual IAML members, you may now opt out of receiving a print copy of the journal.  This can be done by selecting “edit” for your profile on the website, then on the left hand side of the page under “Account”, click on “Membership”, and check the box «eFontes».

Jim Cassaro

Vi minner om at vår «corresponding editor» i Fontes er Elise Brinchmann Bjørnseth, Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger